Preacher Shines a Light on Angelville in Season 3 Teaser

Preacher returns next month and AMC has revealed the first look at Season 3. Following the events of last season and Jesse Custer’s search for God, Season 3 shifts the focus to Angelville. Angelville is the Louisiana Plantation where Jesse was raised and dreads returning to, but finds himself revisiting in a time of crisis.

Preacher has been a mixed bag for me personally. It’s a series because of its talented cast and potential that I want to like more than I actually do.

I though Season 2 started off great and had a real sense of momentum, but the show  quickly slowed down and became sluggish with Jesse’s fruitless search for God in New Orleans. The introduction of Herr Starr was great, but often I find the show doesn’t fully maximize its characters  or source material.

Still the show is sometimes able to be hilarious, absurd, violent, and bizarre with creative flourish. Here’s hoping Season 3 of Preacher will be able to reach its full potential.  Check out the teaser trailer below.



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