Amazon’s The Boys Goes Superhero Hunting in 2019

With a plethora of superhero shows on TV today, Amazon’s The Boys looks to bring something different to the table when it releases on the streaming platform next year.

Based on the comic series by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, The Boys is set in a world where superheroes aren’t truly heroic beacons of virtue, but immoral opportunists who have been co-opted by corporations.  That’s when a group of vigilantes known as “The Boys” set out to take them down.

The teaser trailer unveiled at New York Comic Con offers a glimpse of the glossy veneer with which the superheroes are portrayed as and how the titular group really feels about them.

I have not read the comics, but the premise alone has my attention. Add the fact it has a cast that includes Karl Urban, Antony Starr, and the just announced Simon Pegg and my interest only increases.

While no exact release date is known, The Boys drops eight episodes on Amazon sometime next year.  Check out the teaser below.




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