Mission: Impossible Goes Back To Back In Summer 2021 and 2022

The Mission: Impossible film series continues to reach new heights and does not appear to be stopping anytime soon. Paramount has just revealed the release dates of the next two films in the franchise.

The next two installments will arrive July 23, 2021 and Aug 5, 2022. The Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie partnership continues with McQuarrie returning to write and direct. The continued partnership makes perfect sense with Mission: Impossible – Fallout becoming the highest grossing and best reviewed film in the series.

It’s rare for a franchise to improve as it goes along and the Mission: Impossible series reminds me of the Fast & Furious films. Both franchises have lasted way longer than most expected and continue to find new ways to top themselves with insane action.

What Tom Cruise is willing to do as Ethan Hunt is incredible. Given his age and past injuries he has suffered, it’s smart to bang out as many of these while he still can. I can’t wait to see what crazy stunts the next two films will bring.

Credit: Deadline


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