Legion Comes To A Close With Season 3

Since its debut, Legion on FX has been the most trippy and bizarre comic book show on television. Now the crazy run through the mind of David Haller is coming to a close.

FX announced Season 3 of Legion which premieres in June will wrap up the series. Its ending will not be premature, as creator Noah Hawley stated he always envisioned Legion concluding with three seasons.

Season 3 will mark the first appearance of Professor X aka David’s father played by Harry Lloyd. Stephanie Corneliussen will play David’s mother Gabrielle.

As a fan of the show I’m content with the news. I really enjoyed Season 1, Season 2 less so although it ended with a great springboard for the final season. Legion never seemed like a story that would span several seasons. I’m happy it gets a chance to end on its own terms and deliver another season of mind-bending visuals. The 1st two seasons are available on Hulu for anyone who wants to caught up before the show returns.

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