Booksmart Trailer Prepares To Leave High School With A Bang

Any high school student knows the pressure of succeeding academically. Yet, school is much more than simply getting good grades and sometimes you need to break out and do something fun or crazy. That is the central idea behind Booksmart, the directorial debut from actress Olivia Wilde.

Two high school friends played by Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein decide to have some crazy adventures before high school graduation and leaving for college. Of course going to a wild party is on the list, but things go much further than that including an attempted robbery.

Booksmart was one of the most talked about films at SXSW this year and the trailer gives an indication why. The two leads look to have good chemistry together and there are many funny moments throughout the trailer.  Check it out below and look for the film to arrive in theaters May 24.




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