Amazon Invites Viewers To Become ‘Undone’ In Rosa Salazar Series

One of the best things about this era of “peak TV” is getting shows you never would have in the past. Amazon’s upcoming animated series Undone is one such show and the official trailer released is proof.

For starters the look of Undone is unique, applying rotoscope animation to live-action performances and bringing to mind A Scanner Darkly. The fact the series comes from Bojack Horseman creatives lines up with the trippy visuals and originality Undone looks to bring. Starring Rosa Salazar and Bob Odenkirk Undone premieres September 13. Check out a synopsis below.

“Undone is centered on Alma Winograd-Diaz (Salazar), a young woman involved in “a near fatal accident” that “induces visions of her late-father, Jacob (Odenkirk). Through these persistent visions he urges her to tap into a mysterious ability that allows her to travel through space and time with the hopes of preventing his untimely death. This quest challenges Alma’s relationships and brings into question her mental wellbeing with those closest to her.”

After watching the trailer Undone immediately jumped on my must watch list. I love the fact that more adult animation is happening now, with series like this and Netflix’s Love, Death & Robots. I’ve been a fan of Rosa Salazar since first seeing her in Man Seeking Woman and this looks like a good showcase for her.

Check out the trailer below.



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