The CW Drops First Trailer For DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 5

Of all the CW Arrowverse shows, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is the one that really embraces the craziness and fun that comic books bring. The Season 5 trailer looks like the show won’t be moving off that path anytime soon.

While the first footage of Season 5 goes by in a flash, it gives us Ray Palmer doing his best Mr. Rogers impersonation, along with quick glances of the rest of the Legends crew in action. Seeing Brandon Routh in the trailer is bittersweet, as he and Courtney Ford will both be exiting the show sometime this upcoming season.

After Legends of Tomorrow found its footing in Season 2, it has emerged as one of my favorite comic book series. It is consistently funny, with a great ensemble cast that is game for whatever wackiness the writers are able to conjure up.

Check out the first footage of Season 5 below and look for the series to make its return on Tuesday, Jan 21.



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