Devs Trailer Sets The Stage For FX On Hulu

Anyone who has seen Alex Garland’s previous work knows the director is a creative talent to keep an eye on. His foray into television with Devs should  excite any fan and the first official trailer has now been released.

Starring Sonoya Mizuno and Nick Offerman, Devs premieres Thursday, March 5 on FX on Hulu. The premiere will feature two episodes before the limited series shifts to a weekly release schedule.

The first trailer for Devs does a great job in building suspense and mystery while not giving anything away. It definitely reminded me in some ways of Black Mirror or Garland’s previous work Ex Machina, which also featured Sonoya Mizuno.  In this project Mizuno plays Lily Chan, a computer engineer investigating her employer who she suspects is behind her boyfriend’s murder. Nick Offerman is the CEO and cult-like figure of that company, who is performing some kind of cryptic work.

Devs is the first series to kick off the new FX/Hulu partnership and is a good reason to sign up for Hulu, as the 8 episode series will only be available there and not on FX’s linear channel.  Check out the trailer below.



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