Netflix Reveals Premiere Date For ‘On My Block’ Season 3

Fans of On My Block have eagerly awaited the show’s return since the Season 2 cliff-hanger and now Netflix has revealed the premiere date for Season 3.

The teen comedy is back for another season on March 11 for eight episodes. If the announcement trailer is any indication it won’t take long to find out who kidnapped the main characters at the end of Season 2.

On My Block is a sort of sneaky hit for Netflix. It holds the title of Netflix’s most binged show of 2018, has a large, passionate fan-base, but often isn’t mentioned when it comes to signature shows on the streaming platform. Yet, I feel it is a perfect example of Netflix’s strategy of offering something for everyone and is the type of show you don’t often see on TV anymore.

The structure of the episodes pairs well with the binge model and the series is able to deliver on both a comedic and dramatic level. If you haven’t given On My Block a chance before, I suggest checking it out because you might be surprised how fast you get addicted. Check out the teaser for Season 3 below.



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