‘Future Man’ Season 3 Trailer Promises A Blast Through History

Future Man was one of the first Hulu original series and now with the show set to end, a teaser trailer has been released for the final season.

Premiering April 3, Season 3 finds Josh, Wolf, and Tiger on the run with a stolen time travel device and branded as history’s most wanted fugitives. When the trio sets out to fix all the terrible ways they have broken the timeline and to clear their names, they bump into a number of historical figures. Abraham Lincoln, Bruce Lee, and Gandhi, are just a few of the noteworthy people glimpsed in the teaser.

Time travel is a familiar element seen in plenty of TV shows and films, with the trailer even joking about the well-worn concept.  Even so, Future Man has been able to mine a lot of humor from it and produce some real emotional moments. Season 2 was a step down for me compared to the first season, but I’m hoping the series can end on a high note with the final 8 episodes.  Check out the Season 3 teaser below.


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