‘Cobra Kai’ Never Dies – Heads To Netflix For Season 3

YouTube’s foray into original scripted programming was brief, but it did produce breakout hit Cobra Kai. Now The Karate Kid follow-up series is moving to Netflix.

With YouTube no longer investing in original scripted programming, Sony Pictures TV was able to shop the series and after multiple suitors Netflix emerged the winner. Seasons 1 and 2 of Cobra Kai will arrive on the service sometime later this year, giving viewers a chance to experience it from the beginning. Season 3 which has thankfully already been filmed will follow after at a still to be determined date.

This is great news that Cobra Kai will continue and now with the move to Netflix has the potential to reach a bigger audience. I know personally I wasn’t able to watch until YouTube lifted the show from the paywall and released the first two seasons for free. The wait to watch was worth it, as Cobra Kai impressed me with how well it handled the adult lives of Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso, along with their families and new Karate pupils they teach.

Impressed that Netflix was able to scoreĀ  another win, as they continue to build a monster library of shows even amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Credit: Deadline

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