Lamorne Morris Stars In ‘Woke’ – New Hulu Comedy Coming This Fall

Life is filled with many transformational moments and one such event is the jumping off point for Woke, the new Hulu comedy starring Lamorne Morris.

Morris portrays Keef, a character inspired by real life artist Keith Knight whose worldview was changed after experiencing police violence when mistaken for a suspect. What results is his outlook on life alters in a radical and humorous way as indicated by the teaser trailer. All of a sudden he starts to see things, objects like liquor bottles and trash cans begin speaking to him in his new ‘woke’ state.

I’m looking forward to this show not only because Hulu has been on a hot streak in 2020, but also because Lamorne Morris was one of the best parts about New Girl and I’m excited to see what he can do in a starring role. Check out the teaser video below and look for Woke  on Wednesday, Sept. 9 when the complete season of eight episodes releases at once.


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