Amazon Drops First Teaser For Animated Superhero Series ‘Invincible’

Robert Kirkman is mostly known as the creator of The Walking Dead, but he has another popular comic book series in Invincible headed to Amazon Prime Video next year.

During a panel at virtual New York Comic Con, Amazon offered a glimpse at the first footage of the animated superhero series. While the teaser sets the stage for a coming of age superhero tale, it quickly becomes apparent Invincible is not for young kids.

The comic is known to contain elements of violence, gore, and twists that all look to carry over in the animated series. Action shown in the brief clip is more in line with something you would see on Harley Quinn or Amazon’s own popular comic book show The Boys.

I’m really looking forward to Invincible when it drops next year. The voice cast is stellar and seeing the animation in action wipes away any worries it might be cheap looking or tonally off. Check out the teaser trailer below.

Credit: EW

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