‘The Little Things’ Trailer Finds Denzel on the Hunt for a Serial Killer

Wonder Woman 1984’s December release was the first of Warner Bros. plan to bring their film slate to HBO Max alongside theaters, but the train keeps on rolling with The Little Things arriving in January.

Starring Denzel Washington, Rami Malek, and Jared Leto, The Little Things is a psychological thriller where Denzel plays a deputy sheriff who finds himself involved in tracking down a serial killer with another law enforcement officer played by Malek. The search leads to Jared Leto’s character who fits the profile, but may not be the prime culprit.

The basic premise for The Little Things may not be breaking any new ground, but you put together three actors like the core trio featured and it immediately should garner attention. The trailer released also hints that there is more than meets the eye to all the players involved.

While HBO Max may have struggled with distribution until recently and defining exactly what the service is, the level of content they have is high. Going from a campy, fun, superhero film to a dark, murder-mystery also speaks to the diversity of their film roster.

Check out the trailer for The Little Things below and look for it in theaters and on HBO Max Jan. 29.

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