Apple TV+ Drops First Teaser for ‘The Mosquito Coast’

Apple TV continues to build up its roster of original series. Coming this spring is The Mosquito Coast, based on the novel of the same name and starring Justin Theroux.

The novel which happens to be written by Theroux’s uncle Paul Theroux, was previously adapted as a 1986 film with Harrison Ford in the lead role. This new version spans seven episodes with the premiere on April 30 featuring two episodes before shifting to weekly installments.

The teaser trailer released by Apple hints at a thrilling adventure, as Justin Theroux’s character Allie Fox takes his family on the run to Mexico as they flee a very dangerous problem. Justin Theroux is a big reason why this project caught my eye as he was great on The Leftovers and never got the recognition I felt he deserved. Although he is perhaps playing another unhinged dad, this series seems much different and creates a nice level of tension from the scenes shown.

Check out the teaser trailer below.


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