Frank Grillo Works to Break Deadly Cycle in ‘Boss Level’ Trailer

The time loop concept has been used in a number of films from the classic Groundhog Day to the more recent Palm Springs. Now Frank Grillo is putting an action spin on the format with his new movie Boss Level.

Grillo plays a retired special forces soldier trying to escape a time loop in which assassins target and eventually kill him everyday. Even with his military skills, he must continue to add to his knowledge base if he ever wants to break the cycle.

The trailer released by Hulu is a great blend of action and comedy, as Grillo demonstrates just how mundane the extraordinary becomes when it happens everyday. Watching his character level up until he reaches “boss level”, I’m sure will be a lot of fun if the footage is anything to go by. 

Joining Frank Grillo inside this time loop is a cast that includes Mel Gibson, Naomi Watts, Michelle Yeoh, and Ken Jeong. Check out the trailer below and look for Boss Level when it releases on Hulu March 5.


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