‘Debris’ Trailer Dives Into The Alien Unknown For New Sci-Fi Series

NBC is kicking off the month of March with Debris, a new sci-fi, mystery series starring Jonathan Tucker and Rian Steele.

The trailer released does a good job in setting up the premise, showcasing two government agents traveling across the globe to track down debris from an alien spacecraft.

The wreckage possesses special properties, effecting people and places differently. A maid crashes through 14 stories to her death when touching a piece of debris. Another piece causes a lake to evaporate entirely. The mystery behind where and how these extraterrestrial objects are changing the world looks to be a major driver of the show.

Watching the footage I couldn’t help but be reminded of Fringe as the two share similar aspects, from investigating scientific anomalies to a man and woman being the stars. Debris comes from showrunner J.H. Wyman who was a producer on Fringe. If Debris is able to reach the heights of that show, NBC will have a winner on its hands. 

Check out the trailer below and look for the premiere Monday, March 1.



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