Mile 22 Trailer Promises An Explosive Escort Mission

The final trailer for Mile 22 before it arrives in theaters boils down the essence of why you should be excited for the film in about a minute.

The setup of how Mark Wahlberg and his elite command team must transfer a highly valuable asset to Mile 22 for extraction is there. But more importantly the reasons to be excited are there as well. It’s to see Mark Wahlberg deliver action movie quips to the main bad guy and bond with his unit of trained killers.

It’s to see Iko Uwais bring the hard-hitting fighting style that made him famous from The Raid films. It’s to see Lauren Cohan put down something that isn’t a zombie or post-apocalyptic scumbag.  It’s to see Ronda Rousey body slam someone outside of a WWE ring.

Car chases, explosions, excessive shootouts, and bone-breaking fights are all present in the trailer.  Check it out below and look for Mile 22 in theaters when it premieres August 17.



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