Starz Unveils Counterpart Season 2 Trailer- Premiere Date

Starz has announced the return date for Counterpart Season 2 and it’s sooner than expected.

The sci-fi, spy drama returns Dec. 9 for another 10 episodes in less than a year after initially premiering . After the events of Season 1, the two Howards find themselves on opposite ends of the spectrum, both figuratively and literally.

“Season 2 finds Howard (Simmons) and his counterpart stranded in two different worlds, each having to adapt for survival. Howard Prime takes on his other’s life: going to his job, living in his home… with his wife. Howard Alpha is locked in a mysterious black site known as Echo, cut off from everyone he knows. As a cold war escalates between worlds deepening a fickle divide, both men find themselves growing increasingly like their other.”

The new season marks the introduction of characters Naya Temple played by Betty Gabriel and Yanek played by James Cromwell. Both can be glimpsed in the explosive new trailer below.

As the two worlds of Counterpart prepare for war, there is no place I would rather be than at home watching.  Check out the new footage below.



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