Doom Patrol Renewed For Season 2 – Will Stream On DC Universe & HBO Max

Much speculation has surrounded the future of DC Universe. How long the service will last is uncertain, but Doom Patrol now renewed for Season 2 will continue on the platform.

The news of Season 2 was announced during the show’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con this year. No episode count or exact release date was given, but expect Doom Patrol to return sometime in 2020.

The weird and wacky comic book series is poised to gain an even wider audience as Season 2 will stream on HBO Max, in addition to DC Universe. The upcoming WarnerMedia streaming service will also have Season 1 of Doom Patrol as part of its viewing library when it debuts sometime next year.

Doom Patrol is perhaps the most critically acclaimed of the DC Universe original series so far. I definitely want to check it out, but don’t know if I will test out DC Universe for a month or wait until the series comes to HBO Max next year.


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