‘The 100’ Prepares For The End With Final Season 7

As The 100 prepares to wrap up its sixth season, The CW revealed the upcoming seventh season will be the last for the long-running sci-fi drama.

The decision to bring the show to a conclusion looks to be a mutual one between the network and show-runner Jason Rothenberg, who expressed his thoughts on the announcement via Twitter.


Season 7 scheduled to air sometime next year, will consist of 16 episodes fittingly bringing the series run to 100 episodes. The Season 6 finale airs this Tuesday, August 6.

I’ve been a fan of the show since the beginning and the way it has been able to re-invent itself over the years has been truly impressive. The 100 has delivered memorable characters and shocking moments, no doubt fueling the passionate fan-base the series has produced. I think Season 6 has been one of the best of the show’s run and it’s good to see The 100 able to chart a course to hopefully¬† what will be a satisfying conclusion.


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