Amazon Prime Video Comedy ‘Upload’ Puts New Spin on Afterlife

What happens when we die is an age old question. Upload, a new comedy coming to Amazon Prime Video in May offers a sunny look at what could be offered if technology progresses.

The series hails from The Office creator Greg Daniels and stars Robbie Amell as Nathan, who chooses to have his consciousness uploaded into a digital afterlife rather than take his chances in the hospital following a major car accident. Suddenly Nathan finds himself living forever in an afterlife with weather changing thermostats, fantastic views and food, and talking dogs. Although this new stage of his existence still has time limits on breakfast and charges for room service.

It does however allow him to communicate and see the living, including his girlfriend Ingrid played by Allegra Edwards. Possibly throwing a wrinkle in that relationship is his customer service “Angel” Nora Anthony played by Andy Allo. While she is there to act as support as he transitions in this new world, the trailer does hint at something more developing in the future.

Check out the trailer below and see if Upload is a future you want to sign up for when it arrives on Amazon Prime Video May 1.


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