The Villainess Set For TV Adaptation

The 2017 Korean film The Villainess featured some of the most inventive action scenes in recent history. Looking to transplant that intense action to the small screen is Skybound Entertainment.

The company behind The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead plans to remake the film as a scripted TV series. Check out the plot description below.

“The Villainess follows Anes, who was kidnapped from her home in Korea and raised as a deadly assassin in Los Angeles. Just when Anes believes she has found true peace, unsettling events drive her to return to Korea to uncover dangerous truths about her home and her past.”

Duplicating the visceral action present in the movie is a tall order, but the film’s director, Jung Byung-gil, will return to direct the pilot. While a TV series might not be able to pull off everything in the film, it can certainly offer more time for character development and perhaps pull off some new tricks in terms of action.

Skybound Entertainment has a first look deal with Amazon Studios and a streaming home would be ideal for an adaptation as they can certainly afford the budget. The Villainess is available to stream on Hulu right now and I recommend any action fan check it out. If you need more convincing, watch the trailer below.


Credit: Deadline


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