The CW Releases Black Lightning Season 3 Trailer

Ahead of its return Monday, Oct. 7, The CW has released an extended trailer for Black Lightning Season 3. If there is one thing clear from the footage, it’s that Freeland and the Pierce family are in very different places from where Season 2 concluded.

Jefferson and Lynn find themselves locked up and held prisoner for the so called “good” of the country. Black Lightning being MIA leads to Jennifer and Anissa having to fend for themselves protecting Freeland, now under some type of military state as the Markovian threat looms large. And while Tobias Whale may now be locked up, as long as he is alive he remains a threat for the Pierce family.

As Black Lightning heads into Season 3, it’s good to see the show not sticking to the status quo. The trailer has an ominous tone and forebodes a darker, upcoming season.  I feel it is one of the best comic book series currently airing and look forward to how the season develops. Tobias has been a fantastic main villain for the series, but I’m curious to see how the show differs with him taking a backseat to the Markovians.  Check out the new footage below.


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