John Cena Suits Up as Peacemaker for HBO Max Spinoff Series

James Gunn’s version of The Suicide Squad doesn’t release until next year, but the film already has a spinoff in the works.

John Cena who portrays character Peacemaker in the upcoming movie is getting his own HBO Max series written by James Gunn. Not only is Gunn set to write all 8 episodes of the series, he will direct several episodes as well. Peacemaker is billed as an action comedy exploring the origins of the character, meaning it will most likely take place before the events of the film.

This is unexpected news, but after Gunn’s work on Guardians of the Galaxy I’m really looking forward to the new Suicide Squad film and now this spinoff. Cena has proven to be funny on screen and Peacemaker seems like a perfect role for him. If you are a big DC fan subscribing to HBO Max seems like a no brainer.



Credit: TV Line

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