Ash Vs Evil Dead Ends Its Fight Against Evil With Season 3

They say it’s best to go out on a high note and that looks to be the case for Ash Vs Evil Dead. Starz has announced the show will not be picked up for a 4th season and will conclude with Season 3.

With 2 episodes left to air this year, I feel this has been the best run of the series. Each episode has been filled with one crazy, gore-filled moment after another. Whether it was Ash fighting a demonic porn magazine in a sperm bank or Kelly battling Ruby in a high stakes brutal fight, this season has not lacked for humor or excitement.

The cancellation news does not come as a major surprise considering the ratings have decreased each season, and they were never really big to begin with. The delayed wait between Season 2 and Season 3 couldn’t have helped the ratings slide either, as Ash Vs Evil Dead feels like a show that should start airing in October.

Still, I’m grateful to have had these three seasons and Bruce Campbell shared a similar sentiment on Twitter.

In an age of countless shows airing, Ash vs Evil Dead with its blend of horror and slapstick comedy was truly unique.


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