Barry Struggles To Find Balance in Season 2 Teaser

Barry is back this spring and HBO has offered up the first look at Season 2.

At the heart of the teaser is Barry trying to reconcile the evil things he has done with the person he believes himself to be. Trying to find that balance does not look like it will be an easy task based on the new footage. The show as a whole is a balancing act between the violence of Barry’s work as a hitman and the humor of him trying to leave that life behind and become an actor.

Season 1 was successful in pulling it off, scoring Emmy awards for both Bill Hader and Henry Winkler. I came to the show months after it had concluded and I’m really glad I decided to watch. Often hilarious, Barry was also able to bring real weight to dramatic moments when needed.

Check out the Season 2 teaser below.




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