The End of the World Is At Stake In Legion Season 3 Trailer

There have been many shows this year that have come to a close. Game of Thrones, Veep, Counterpart, You’re the Worst to name a few, and come June FX’s Legion will join the list.

The trippy comic book drama returns for its third and final season June 24 and the trailer released finds things as crazy as ever. David appears to have become a cult-leader with legions of adoring disciples, including Lenny by his side. His former friends are now trying to kill him and prevent the end of the world. A mysterious time-traveler played by Lauren Tsai may be the key figure as to which side succeeds.

Legion is a series I really enjoyed in Season 1, but had some issues with in Season 2. The psychedelic visuals remained a highlight, but I found some of the key character moments and motivations lacking. Still I am very curious to find out how Noah Hawley plans to bring David Haller’s story to an end. Check out the trailer below.



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