‘His Dark Materials’ Trailer Finds A War Brewing As Evil Emerges

Game of Thrones may be over, but HBO remains in the fantasy drama business. Philip Pullman trades spots with George R.R. Martin, as HBO and BBC work together to bring His Dark Materials to life.

There is still no release date, but the first official trailer certainly looks promising. While the two book series are very different, much like GOT, His Dark Materials looks to be epic in scope and budget. A war is brewing over the abduction of children and Logan standout actress Dafne Keen seems to be at the center of it.

No swords of dragons appear in the footage, but there are guns and polar bears. I don’t expect any series to come close to the popularity that GOT achieved, but HBO once again adapting a beloved book series is a smart play.

His Dark Materials already comes with a potential audience looking to see the book series done justice, after the film The Golden Compass failed to do so. The talent assembled on screen is impressive if nothing else. Check out the trailer below and look for His Dark Materials to arrive on the BBC and HBO soon.



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