‘Warrior’ Returns For Season 2 This Fall On Cinemax

As Cinemax prepares to step out of the original programming business, Warrior Season 2 will perhaps serve as the last hurrah for the network and a teaser for the upcoming season has just been released.

After a lengthy break between seasons, Warrior returns this October with most likely its final season. The martial-arts action series inspired by the writings of Bruce Lee looks to continue where Season 1 left off. As the Tong Wars in San Francisco’s Chinatown continue to escalate, every character must do what they can to survive.

For main character Ah Sahm  portrayed by Andrew Koji that means doing what he does best, fighting. The teaser trailer offers a glimpse of some of the intense action that lies ahead. Explosions, gunfire, and of course hand-to-hand combat are all present in the footage shown.

I enjoyed the first season of Warrior and it’s good to finally have the series back. Cinemax really excelled in producing action shows that no other channel was really delivering. It’s a shame they are getting out of doing so and their library of shows hasn’t shifted over to HBO Max yet. Check out the teaser trailer below courtesy of IGN.

Credit: IGN 


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