Harley Quinn Picks up Season 3 Renewal and Moves to HBO Max

After the first 2 seasons were recently brought over to HBO Max, fans of the Harley Quinn animated series will be happy to know its been renewed for Season 3.

Season 3 of Harley Quinn will exclusively air on HBO Max as DC Universe will no longer air any movies or TV and will instead shift to a digital comics platform. The move in strategy has been heavily speculated ever since HBO Max launched and Warner Media begin to consolidate many aspects of the company.

Harley Quinn joins the recently renewed Doom Patrol and Titans which will all see their third seasons airing only on HBO Max. Young Justice Season 4 will make the switch over to HBO Max as well when it is ready to air.

This is great news as I really enjoy Harley Quinn, with it being another standout in DC’s animated library. While DC hasn’t always had the best success in films, its TV lineup both animated and live action has been stellar. HBO Max is now building up a nice roster of exclusive DC shows, with a Gotham City PD, Green Lantern, and Justice League Dark series all in development.

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