Warrior Season 2 Trailer Hints at Explosive, Action-Packed Conclusion

With Warrior inching closer to its return, Cinemax has released the official trailer for Season 2.

Kicking off Friday, October 2, the new and most likely final season of the action series looks to go out with a bang. The Tong Wars in Chinatown show no sign of slowing down as main character Ah Sahm continues to fight for his survival.

The opening moments of the trailer offer a quick refresher on just how formidable Ah Sahm is as a fighter, as he dispatches an opponent with a single blow. And if you forgot Warrior was based on the writings of Bruce Lee, the closing moments has Ah Sahm going full Bruce Lee with trademark outfit, pose, and nunchucks.

While these remaining 10 episodes will probably be the conclusion of Warrior‘s story, a recent Vanity Fair article confirmed the series will be heading to HBO Max sometime after Season 2 finishes on Cinemax. It may not be able to extend the life of the series, but will hopefully expose Warrior to a wider audience that may not have been aware of the show before.

Check out the Season 2 trailer below.

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