‘Raised by Wolves’ Lands Season 2 Renewal

HBO Max is still relatively new and developing its “Max Original” brand, but one of the standout shows on the new streaming service has been Raised by Wolves which has just been renewed for Season 2.

The sci-fi series from creator Aaron Guzikowski and executive producer Ridley Scott has emerged as the top performing Max original since launch. Raised by Wolves has also been growing its viewership over the course of the season, a good sign the show is building momentum and finding an audience. It has also adopted a unique strategy of releasing 2 episodes a week after the initial premiere that launched with 3 episodes.

Raised by Wolves has definitely kept me intrigued so far over the course of Season 1 and has produced some really captivating imagery. The sight of the Necromancer flying over the planet with outstretched arms is both angelic and terrifying. There are a number of directions the show can take and I’m curious what note the Season Finale ends on October 1 when the season concludes.

Credit: TV Line

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