Carla Gugino’s Cinemax Series Jett Arrives In June

Cinemax seems to be making a push back into exciting, original programming. There is Warrior arriving in April and Jett starring Carla Gugino in June.

Jett centers on elite thief Daisy “Jett” Kowalski. After serving time in prison she hopes to move on with her life, but is pulled back into the criminal underworld by dangerous individuals looking to exploit her skills. The nine-episode series is created, written, and directed by Sebastian Gutierrez.

The cast also includes Giancarlo Esposito, Elena Anaya, Gil Bellows, and Gaite Jansen to name a few. This show definitely has my interest, even without seeing a trailer. I’ve been a fan of Carla Gugino for a while and when you add in Giancarlo Esposito to the mix you certainly have my attention.

With the original run of Strike Back, Banshee, and The Knick, Cinemax for a moment had some of my favorite shows on the air. It’s good to see them moving back in a positive direction with its upcoming programming slate.

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