Cinemax’s ‘Jett’ Trailer Is Dripping With Style

If there is one thing the trailer for Jett radiates, it is style. Cinemax’s new series starring Carla Gugino looks like it will be a blast to watch.

Not only do we see Gugino’s character Daisy “Jett” Kowalski putting her expert skills as a thief to use, the trailer also showcases Giancarlo Esposito’s character as the man who pulls her back into a life of crime. He doesn’t appear to be the only person she must deal with. There look to be many obstacles in the way for “Jett” if she wants to survive and protect her young daughter.

I have to give Cinemax credit for producing two shows this year that have captured my interest. Currently I am enjoying its martial arts-crime drama Warrior on Friday nights and was happy to see it renewed for a second season. I hope Jett proves to be entertaining as well when it kicks off its nine episode season June 14.

Check out the official trailer below.



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